End Genocide


The Lost Boys of Sudan is the name adopted by aid workers to describe the orphaned, displaced, and murdered children as a result of violence and civil war in South Sudan. Their stories serve as the inspiration for "No Such Place". Join us in acknowledging their enduring spirit and courage. 

Genocide is very much a real and recurrent horror throughout our modern world. Please visit endgenocide.org for more information on how you can help bring awareness and support to those in need.

Together we can help make the world a more peaceful and loving place.


City Harvest

"Island Harvest is the largest hunger relief organization on Long Island. By relying on volunteers, in-kind services, and donated food, we devote 97 cents of every dollar contributed directly to our programs." 

On the night of October 28th, 2012 we were evacuated from our apartment in Queens and begrudgingly took shelter with family on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for what we thought would be another false alarm and a couple of nights on air mattresses. 9 days later we were able to return to our apartment- still without power or heat- and a lobby ruined by over 4 feet of water that flooded in from the East River. We were very, very lucky. 

In Breezy Point, The Rockaways, Staten Island, and many more communities in and around the New York area the devastation was incomparably worse. Homes were destroyed, businesses ruined, and lives were lost in the storm. This holiday season will be a tough one to say the least for many of our fellow New Yorkers.

Oddly enough, when Sandy hit we were already in the process of recording a new song written for friends who had a tree fall on their home in North Carolina a few years back when another hurricane pummeled the city of Raleigh. We decided to rush the recording process and post the song for sale- with all proceeds going to victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

We've chosen this organization because they are better able to channel their funds directly to the hurricane Sandy victims than larger national organizations with a lot more overhead and red tape.