"It has the kind of hooks I could see belting out in my car at a stoplight but listen closely and you’ll hear the lyrics are about some
seriously powerful stuff..." - A Site For Your Ears

"As duettists their voices have a combined strength and consistency which shows well in live performance, no auto-tune here!" - Eric Hathaway


"..a rich narrative of self-discovery..." - Joe Marvilli

"Bridges remembering, with no small amount of humor, how she ended up as a dog walker despite having a college degree. Fast forward a little bit, and this pair has emerged not only with a winkingly fun name for its band but also a smart album of songs to show for having survived the lean times." -
Nick Deriso

"The album is filled with songs that feature the specialties of each musician...back and forth from mellow to aggressive taking the listener on an interesting ride." - Indie Band Guru

"The songs on the debut are often brilliant. [Forget About Wonderland] is an absolute superb testament to the band’s skill. It soars and bounces along as if from a track on Songs in the Key of Life." - Ryan Merkel

"Autobiographical songs with with just the right amount of that New York funk and Southern smoothness have me literally hanging on every word. As songwriters, Andy and Neeley display talent that rivals many of my favorites, from Prine to Hyatt,  James Taylor to Jack Johnson." - Joshua Smotherman

"On vivisecting this eight track debut album, many thoughts and reflections come to the fore. The sensual, seductive and silky-smooth ballads, the fast-paced country-tinged Americana movers, the haunting string orchestrations, the swooping acoustic guitar rhythms and sprawling piano fills, the dueling voices of exceptional quality, the sound production and mixes or the smooth and gentle crossover of styles and genres, from one track to the next. On a whole Forget About Wonderland merits a perfect 10..." -
Rick Jamm

"I was instantly hooked but the music just kept getting better and better." - Spokesman Speaks